July 2021

Meet our Year 9 Wellbeing Leader

Making a positive difference in the life of a young person is what drives our Year 9 Wellbeing Leader, Mrs Michelle Holding. Through building stronger connections and providing students with a real sense of care builds the unique Year 9 Tay Creggan cohort experience and wellbeing wisdom.

Open house Melbourne home

Tour Tay Creggan

Strathcona is part of Open House Melbourne Virtual Tours. Take a virtual tour of the magnificent building Tay Creggan and learn about its interesting history. You can also take a tour of Tay Creggan in Minecraft.

Meet our Head of Tay Creggan

Head of Tay Creggan, Mrs Karyn Murray gains inspiration from working with adolescents and enjoys seeing students develop as they discover their identity and sense of self throughout Year 9.