August 2021

How girls’ schools foster confidence, shaping female leaders of tomorrow

A child’s learning environment impacts their view of themselves and their place in the world, which is why we strive to create a safe and supportive space where our girls have the opportunity and the drive to try new things, discover their talents, and develop a strong sense of self and the confidence that
will enable them to strive for their goals, regardless of the environment they find themselves in or its gender makeup.

Green Evolution

Learn more about sustainability from a dedicated panel of experts who shared their knowledge about the impact we have on our planet and ways we can protect it for future generations.

Meet our Year 8 Coordinator

“No matter what, you will make mistakes, learn from them, forgive yourselves and others who make them and be confident in the knowledge that you can lean on and be supported by family, friends, and teachers when needed.” is the advice given from our Year 8 Coordinator, Mrs Melissa Patel. Learn more about her in this short interview.