Announcement from Strathcona

“My time at Strathcona has been an extraordinary journey filled with countless cherished memories and remarkable achievements. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as the Principal of this wonderful school, and I am immensely proud of all that we have accomplished together”.

Marise McConaghy

K-12 Education for Everyone

We congratulate our Senior Dean of Learning Futures, Ross Phillips on being featured amongst an esteemed list of outstanding professors and education leaders worldwide, as he shares his insights and opinions in the latest edition of K12 Digest.

Safer Internet Day 2023

Today is Safer Internet Day and across the School, we’re raising awareness of the importance of staying safe online and using the internet responsibly. As we are more connected than ever before, online safety is even more important. This year, students are encouraged to Connect. Reflect. Protect.

Advice for the Return to School: Year 12

As students and their families embark on the Year 12 journey, there will be a mix of excitement and trepidation about the months to come. There is no doubt 2023 is going to be a big year for students and teachers are ready to support them to do their absolute best. Everyone has advice about how to successfully navigate Year 12 and these opinions can be overwhelming both for you and your child. Below are some tips for you to consider.

Returning to School in 2023

Back to school in 2023 will be a chance to catch up with classmates after a long summer, it might mark the first day in a new school or the transition to secondary school. For Prep students, it means embarking on the beginning of their education journey. Junior School Psychologist, Sharon Turner spoke with 3AW Breakfast this morning about the return to school and how parents and teachers are planning to support students in the transition back to class.

Advice for the return to school: Year 10

The anticipation of coming back from TC is different for all students and for some, this time can be challenging. Year 9 is a year of independence and exploration with our students fortunate enough to do this with the autonomy of their own campus. Coming back to Year 10 and the routine of the main campus can take some getting used to. Below are some tips to help parents and students transition positively.

Advice for the return to school: Year 9

Adolescent years are a time of change and development, a time of curiosity, growth, exploration and independence. As the new school year begins, Tay Creggan students eagerly anticipate the unique opportunity to learn on a different campus, building strong connections with their peers and a chance to experience a year like no other. Karyn Murray, Head of Tay Creggan, shares some helpful tips on this transition into Year 9.