Finalist in 3 Educator Awards

Strathcona is proud to be named a finalist in three categories for the Australian Educator Awards: Innovation in Curriculum Design, Best Stem Program and Best Use of Technology. We empower students to create, not only consume, technology enabling them input into their future world.

When history finds you

“2020 will be a story that will be part of all our life histories. While we do not have the comfort of knowing exactly what will come next, and there is no back to normal on the immediate horizon, we can focus on the silver linings and the hope for things to be better, improved and more meaningful.” Head of Students – Pastoral and Wellbeing, Mrs Lucinda Thom reflects on the impact of isolation.


Principal Mrs Marise McConaghy blogs about narcissism and how just maybe COVID-19 pandemic has seen its demise. We are more connected and considerate of others. “The pretence that we have it ‘all under control’, are ever-polished, perfect, ‘have got it’ and ‘all over it’ is something, which we cannot even try for at the moment and we are accepting that in ourselves and each other.”