May 2021

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The Extra Curricular Conundrum

How to get the out-of-school hours right for your child? Dean of Students, Mrs Amber Sowden writes about how to get the balance right and the best out of extracurricular activities.

Seize Your Yay!

“Stretch your brain so far it can never go back to its old dimensions” was one of many bits of inspiration from our latest Strathcona Centre for Learning Futures speaker, Funtrepreneur Sarah Davidson.

What the next generation of female CEOs need to know

The events of the last year have put leaders from all industries under the spotlight, providing plenty of examples of both poor and best practice for the world to analyse. And while a global pandemic is an extraordinary event, crises and situations of extreme stress and pressure generally do reveal a lot about a person’s capacity for leadership. Leaders and organisations that have responded well are those that have stayed true to their values and mission and used these as a compass when the landscape continued to shift and change.

Strathcona Centre for Learning Futures

The future will require a high level of emotional intelligence from the workforce. Strathcona Centre for Learning Futures heard from Dr Mark Williams, Professor of Neuroscience from Macquarie University as he unpacked emotions, the power of the brain and the unique human capacity for emotional connection.