March 2021

So much more

“… preparing our young woman for a life of future work and service is important, a valuable education is about so much more than that. Exposure to the great works of culture, art and performance can enrich a student’s understanding of the world and their place within it.” Read what our Head of Humanities and VCE Coordinator Mr Scott Sweeney says about what Strathcona has to offer.

School Libraries just as important as ever

IN this modern era of fake news and alternative facts, school libraries are more important than they have ever been. Well-resourced and utilised, they are a vital part of preparing students for the future by facilitat¬ing a range of skills, including the ability to find information quickly and identify trustworthy sources.

Physical Education is more than a Sport

Don’t you just play games all day? That is one of the most frustrating questions Physical Education (PE) teachers get asked about their jobs. Well yes, we do play games but there is more to Physical Education than scores on the board. Ask any ‘Phys Edder’ about their values and role in education, and you will get a passionate response about the importance of being physically active along with its greater impact on individuals and the whole community. They will speak about the link between physical activity and an individual’s overall wellbeing. Physical Education is not just about teaching sports, it is about developing and equipping students with life-long skills, because we want students to be life-long participants in physical activity and the community.