October 2022

Chrysanthemums – By Kate Henry

In July, the English Department launched a Micro Writing Competition for students in Years 7 – 12 as part of the Literature Festival. The students were invited to write on a topic or theme of their choice, and the challenge was to use just 300 words to tell the story. There were lots of great entries, but the winner was decided as Kate Henry, Year 11 with the story Chrysanthemums. Read the story below.

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Working while sick: Our post-pandemic dilemma

For many teachers, who are now in their eleventh term of delivering education in the face of a pandemic, ‘normal’ still feels far away. And with COVID-19 cases refusing to abate, despite the warmer weather, disruption continues to impact our school halls, sports fields, classrooms, and staff rooms. In an article in The Age over the weekend, Principal Marise McConaghy explored the question, How sick is too sick? Read the full article below.

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STEM at home: simple ways to encourage curiosity

Building STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills in school-age children, goes far beyond teaching science and mathematical concepts in the classroom. STEM education prepares children to move into any industry by equipping them with valuable skills that support future success – including problem solving, analytical thinking, creativity, continued curiosity, and the ability to work independently. In an article for the Parents Website, Rebecca Kerr, Head of Science shares how we can encourage STEM skills at home. Read more below.

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