Month: October 2020

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Girls Unstoppable Podcast

Inspiring girls and women to become unstoppable. This is what Girls Unstoppable is about. Hear topics that the younger generation of girls want to unpack – from the juggle of career and motherhood to self-care and so much more. Empowering you to overcome opposition of everyday life to become unstoppable. #girlsunstoppable

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Leaving the Bubble, Take Two

Returning to school and reconnecting in person will be something our students may feel apprehensive about. Senior School Psychologist Mrs Kerri Rhodes talks to The Parent Website about four things students and parents can do to ease the transition out of the home bubble.

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Strathcourier 2020

Out this Spring is the 2020 edition of the Strathcourier. Within its pages are stories of student journies and academic awards, community strength, and alumnae triumph.