April 2020

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On the Radio

As we start Term 2 with home learning, there is much discussion about VCE. Our Head of VCE and Humanities, Mr Scott Sweeney chats on ABC Radio and 3AW.

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So far, it is fair to say that 2020 hasn’t exactly shaped up how we thought it would – COVID-19 has been a bigger disruption in our lives than any of us could have imagined.

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Co-Video Festival

In this new and challenging time our creative, clever Director of Productions and Head of Digital Learning and Innovation have launched a Video Festival for girls schools across Australia.

The Future of Education

The Future of Education

Tina Funder from Work like a Motherfather talks to our Principal, Mrs Marise McConaghy, about how Strathcona prepares the next generation of leaders to grow and thrive, COVID-19 impacts, pivoting and what she thinks the future of learning looks like. #girlsunstoppable #unstoppableleader

Continuous learning girls

Continuous Learning at Strathcona

This is an exciting and challenging time for education, as we strive to support our students through unforeseeable events. As an independent school, we have been fortunate to have the freedom to start planning early and develop our approach to learning in this unique environment.