Month: September 2021

Cyber Kindness

Kindness is a frequently forgotten mode of connection that benefits both the giver and the receiver. Year 7 students spend time learning about how to navigate the cyber world with kindness.

Striding out for pathways to empowerment

Adaptability and resilience are necessary skills for the 21st century, writes Anders Furze.
For many schools, the days of viewing students as “empty vessels” to be filled with knowledge are long gone. To best equip students to navigate the uncertainty of the 21st century, many schools are combining traditional learning areas with a focus on transferable skills such as adaptability, resilience, problem-solving, and communication.

Planning Liveable Cities

How are you enjoying your city right now? At the Strathcona Centre for Learning Futures we are always working to connect our students and the community with those who can help them connect their schooling with their futures in work and in life. While we have a heightened awareness of what our 5 km radius offers us it was very appropriate to hear from Madison Robb and Yang Bai from Plan Melbourne on their work as Urban Planners and the principles they use to guide public development of Melbourne.