VCE Results


In each of us lies unique potential.

Our results are evidence of what hard work, dedication and perseverance can achieve.


The whole school community congratulates the outstanding VCE results achieved by our Year 12 Class of 2023. They are a remarkable group of young women who will embark on their future learning and careers with skills and talents afforded to them by their holistic and caring Strathcona education in partnership with their parents.

While once again these statistics reflect a strong culture of academic excellence, an education at Strathcona Girls Grammar goes beyond the academic learning. It is also about the care and support of each individual girl. We work together to empower and enable our students to realise their full potential and intentionally begin their path of contribution to the world. 

VCE Results are not just the result of one year’s hard work. It is the culmination of teaching, learning and support from Foundation Years to now. It is that first step into the Prep classroom; the first camp in Year 7; the business created through the teachings of the Envision Program; the excitement of being selected for Girl Power in Engineering/IT at the University of Melbourne; that first deep dive as you swim for your House at the Swim Carnival cheered on by friends. 

The hours and hours of dedication of service to community and the mutual trust and genuine respect between our teachers and the students they care so much about. Every girl has had her own journey and created her own unique memories at Strathcona. A VCE result won’t define a Strathcona girl — she is much too wise and nuanced for that. Courage, compassion, curiosity, a developed ethical framework and a love of learning will provide an impetus to match pace with a future that will never stand still.

Unstoppable girls begin at Strathcona.

Consistency is Key

 Strathcona VCE students consistently achieve a high median ATAR. Our average over the last seven years is 90.35.