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Strathcona Swim School is a learn-to-swim program that incorporates stroke development and water safety.

Classes are open to the local community for children aged four and over. With experienced instructors building student confidence and capability, the mission of Strathcona swimming lessons is to equip students with life skills that will allow them to enjoy activities and assist them in achieving success in their active endeavours. Contact us to find out more information or to book into a program:

Strathcona Girls’ Grammar Aquatic Centre
34 Scott Street, Canterbury VIC 3126
Phone: (03) 8779 7533
Email: swimschool@strathcona.vic.edu.au

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Strathcona Swim School Program


Our thirty minute lessons are offered:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 3.45pm – 5.25pm
  • Tuesday and Friday 3.45pm – 6.00pm; and
  • Saturdays 8.00am – 11.00am.

Junior Squad
Junior squad sessions run Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays 5:30–6:30pm.

Adult Squad
Adult squad is also available on Thursday from 5:30–6:30pm.

Private Lessons
Bookings must be arranged and paid for in advance. Private lessons will be conducted at 5:30 and 6:00pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and 5:30pm on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

Strathcona Holiday Program
Four day intensive programs run in the January, April and September School holidays.


Level 1

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Level 2

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Level 3

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Level 4


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Level 5


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Level 6


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Junior Squad


Strathcona Swim School students are assessed throughout the term and will be progressed to the next level when deemed ready. Please remember that all students develop at their own rate. As your student progresses through the levels and the demands are different, please be patient and supportive as they develop the skills for the level.

Strathcona Swim School Staff

All Strathcona Swim School Instructors are Austswim or equivalent qualified. They bring experience and knowledge to the program. Every effort is made to have the same instructor each week, with staff committing themselves to the term. Unfortunately, things happen with illnesses, university timetable changes and other circumstances that may lead to a change in instructor. Our teachers endeavour to provide a positive and enjoyable lesson to the students within the classes, maintaining a professional approach to their teaching.

Enrolment Information

New Students

A Strathcona Swim School Enrolment Form will need to be completed and signed and returned to the pool office. Every endeavour will be made to place your child in the preferred class. Students will only be placed into a class upon successful payment.


Students currently enrolled in lessons at Strathcona Swim School will be asked to re-enrol for the next term in the final two weeks of the term. After that time, those places will be made available to students coming into the program or those that want to change lesson times. All students should be re-enrolled and paid up before the commencement of the next term.


  • Lesson fees are $20.00 per session and are administered by term.  New students will need to book in on a new student enrolment form.
  • Private lessons are $50 per lesson and must be paid in advance.
  • There are no make-up Private lessons, classes missed can be made in regular classes.


Fees are administered by term and are payable at the time of enrolment. Fees can be made by cash, cheque or credit card. Fees will be pro-rata adjusted if the student commences after the first week of lessons during term. All fees are non-refundable unless a medical certificate is provided.

Notification of Medical Conditions

Please notify Strathcona Swim School staff of any conditions or injuries which may affect the participation of the student prior to commencement of their first lesson.


Transfers will be provided for family members only. Transfers will be granted on presentation of a medical certificate for the member not being able to continue.

Cancellations or Refunds

Cancellations will be credited to the family for the next term.  Refunds will only be provided with a medical certificate. Lessons will only be credited or refunded from the time of notification.

Important Information

Change of Lesson Time

Changes to lesson times can be made and are subject to availability for the requested day and time.

Change of Contact Information

If there are any changes to your personal contact information, please advise us so that our records are up to date.

Make Up Lessons

Students may attend a make-up lesson if a regular lesson is missed.  Make up lessons are subject to availability and must be booked in advance. Make-up lessons must be taken in the same term as the lesson was missed, no credit or refund will be given for unused make-up lessons. In the event that a lesson is missed due to pool closure or the cancellation of a class, a credit will be arranged. Strathcona Swim School endeavour to inform participants in advance by phone or email.

Learn to swim levels
floating practice
Learn to swim levels 2



Any child ten years and younger are not allowed into the pool area unless supervised at all times by a parent or carer sixteen years or older. Please make sure that you are actively supervising the child. Only children participating in lessons under the supervision of Strathcona staff may be in the pool.

Health Policies

Persons suffering from a communicable disease such as gastrointestinal illness or skin infections should not use the pool.

Change Room Policy

The use of cameras or mobile phones in the change rooms is prohibited. Women may bring pre-school boys (6 years and under) in their care into the female change room. Please make sure you use the private stalls. Men may bring pre-school girls (6 years and under) in their care into the male change room. Please make sure you use the private stalls. Staff change rooms are not accessible to the public.

Photography Policy

Parents and local support persons are welcome to take personal family photos of their children; however, it is requested that the privacy of other patrons be respected. Do not photograph children who are not under your care.

General Conduct

Strathcona reserves the right to dismiss or refuse entry to patrons for inappropriate conduct.

  • Please enjoy your food and drink outside the pool area.  Water is permitted within the facility. No glass is to be brought into the facility. Help keep our facility clean.
  • Do not interfere with any pool or safety equipment.
  • Animals are not allowed in the pool area.

Release of Liability

  1. The responsible person hereby gives the child or children under their care permission to participate in the Strathcona Swim School learn to swim program.
  2. The responsible person acknowledges that swimming instruction involves a degree of risk to the participant.
  3. The responsible person hereby releases Strathcona Swim School and Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School Ltd. from all liability to the full extent permitted by law for death, injury or loss caused through their child’s participation in swimming instruction and related activities conducted by Strathcona staff whether due to any negligent act, breach of duty, default or omission on behalf of Strathcona management, staff, members, or agents.
  4. The responsible person hereby gives consent for Strathcona staff to seek emergency treatment for the child or children under their care if required.


Contact Us

Strathcona Girls’ Grammar Aquatic Centre
34 Scott Street, Canterbury VIC 3126
Phone: 8779 7533
Email: swimschool@strathcona.vic.edu.au

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