Strathcona is an independent girls’ school: co-ed in the ELC, and girls only from Prep to Year 12. Our Junior School and Senior School are located in Canterbury and our Year 9 campus in Hawthorn.

Staff are supported in their critical role of ensuring that each student is given the support and resources to achieve her highest potential academically, physically, socially and in her creative pursuits.

Working at Strathcona

Working at Strathcona is more than a teaching position: it’s about being part of a vibrant, caring and productive community. You will get a sense of the warmth of our community by visiting any of our campuses. Strathcona is a family oriented environment where we aim to have everyone feel a sense of belonging and purpose.

Committed to keeping abreast of change and innovation, Strathcona staff are leaders in the field of education. Strathcona is therefore committed to attracting and developing the best staff to work with us. Feedback is sought each year on job satisfaction, physical working conditions, resourcing, technical needs and Professional Development needs. The Staff Association, Consultative Committee and OH&S Committee are active, enthusiastic groups who assist in providing feedback on any needs for staff.

Strathcona aims to maintain salary scales above those that apply to State Government Teachers. Positions of Responsibility are well remunerated and all such job descriptions are published in the Staff Handbook.

Generous support is provided for professional learning. We have an extensive professional learning program that includes internal professional learning and sharing as well as attendance at conferences and seminars. External providers are invited to present at staff day sessions where appropriate topics inform new directions for the School. The importance we place on the professional development of our staff is reflected in the extent of formal learning and the breadth and depth of networking that takes place. All teaching staff are expected to participate in the Professional Standards and Achievements Scheme.

What We Look For in Our Staff

Strathcona staff share a commitment to students and an appreciation of Strathcona’s values. Our teachers and support staff have high ideals of practice and are committed to professional learning. The teamwork and cooperation amongst our teachers benefit the whole School community.

Shared understandings and active learning ensure greater outcomes for all. Our teachers are receptive to ideas and new information and dedicated to the School’s focus on academic excellence. They share in the excitement of discovery that is learning.

You are encouraged to browse the website fully to familiarise yourself with Strathcona and to determine what you could add academically, pastorally and in the co-curricular program.

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