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One Staff - Many Voices

As a member of our staff you will be immersed a culture of learning and growth; a culture that envelops all members of the Strathcona community. In this context we offer you the opportunity for genuine professional growth and career progression within the education sector. Staff at Strathcona engage in a wide variety of roles each contributing something unique to the learning experience of our young women. As a staff member, whilst the context of your work may vary with that of your colleagues, you will feel a part of the one staff body; a staff body where individually we understand how our work impacts on student learning and collectively we centre on the learning and wellbeing needs of our young women.

What we are seeking

Strathcona Girls Grammar is committed to sustaining itself as a learning community which fosters a culture of growth and progress. As a member of staff you will have a lifelong attitude to learning and growth mindset which is evidenced by your behaviour. You proactively read and research, seek feedback on your impact, engage in self-reflection and accordingly evolve your work practices in an observable manner. Underpinned by a communal vision for learning, you are willing and ready to articulate and share your learning with colleagues and team members regardless of the context of your role in the School.

In applying for a position at Strathcona we will employ the most suitably qualified candidates who can best demonstrate a willingness and a track record of going about their work in the manner described above.

If you have any questions about employment please email employment@strathcona.vic.edu.au

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View Strathcona’s current Occupational, Health and Saftey policy here

All applicants seeking employment at Strathcona Girls Grammar are to be aware that compliance with the relevant Health Orders from the Department of Health is a condition of employment.