Strathcona Girls Grammar Open Morning will be held Tuesday 6 August 2024. We invite you to come and experience Strathcona. Our Early Years Precinct, Junior School and Senior School will be open for you to tour.
Learning ways how to manage anxious thoughts and bodily sensations in times of assessment is a useful life skill. Come along to learn about ways to support your child at peak times of heightened stress using evidence-based tools.
The talk will firstly introduce human sleep, highlighting that normal sleep is more complex than we might think. Secondly, we will review evidence linking disturbed sleep to next day problems. Third, we introduce the particular reasons for the ‘epidemic of sleep deprivation in adolescents’.
Join Dr Justin for a practical presentation which draws on content from his new book, The Parenting Revolution, and incorporates up-to-the-minute research in parenting science as well as studies of childhood development.