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You are warmly invited to the Strathcona Centre Learning Futures event – Planning Liveable Cities. Hear about urban planning and the impact it has on lives now and into the future. Madison Robb and Yang Bai from Plan Melbourne will share about their careers in urban planning.
We invite you to come and experience Strathcona. Learn about our outstanding personal development programs and how our girls achieve to their fullest potential in all areas of life.
Strathcona warmly invites you to this very special, family breakfast event. Hosted by Strathcona’s Principal, Marise McConaghy. Hear from our panel of experts about climate change and rising sea levels, and be inspired by stories of action from local sustainability heroes. Learn about Strathcona’s own ‘’Green Evolution’’ and commitment to a better Earth for girls and families everywhere.
You are warmly invited to Strathcona Girls Grammar Parent Seminar Series event, Adolescent Sleep with Professor Greg Murray. The discussion will focus on the well-known tension between school start times and adolescent sleep preferences, followed by a consideration of strategies to help adolescents manage this challenge.