Upcoming Events

Join Dr Justin for a practical presentation which draws on content from his new book, The Parenting Revolution, and incorporates up-to-the-minute research in parenting science as well as studies of childhood development.
Strathcona Girls Grammar Open Morning will be held Thursday 16 May 2024. We invite you to come and experience Strathcona. Our Early Learning Centre, Junior School and Senior School will be open for you to tour.

Strathcona Stories

Lorna Beegan has more than 25 years of experience in education and is passionate about providing exceptional academic programs that inspires students to grow and thrive.
Writing for The Age Strathcona Girls Grammar Principal, Lorna Beegan discusses why we must harness Taylor Swift’s energy to empower young women.
On Monday 12 February 2024, the Strathcona School community came together at St Paul's Cathedral to celebrate the 100th Foundation Day and the Commissioning of the new Principal, Lorna Beegan.
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To become unstoppable, a girl must first be set into motion

Strathcona is a catalyst of a life changing momentum, ensuring each girl discovers a trajectory as unique and full of potential as she is.

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