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You are warmly invited to Strathcona Girls Grammar Parent Seminar Series event Building Your Child’s Capacity to Cope and Be Happy, Now and in the Future with Junior School Psychologist Sharon Turner. The discussion will focus on the strategies that will support the young people in your life to build their capacity to cope and be ready for challenges and changes that the coming year may present.
We invite you to come and experience Strathcona. Learn about our outstanding personal development programs and how our girls achieve to their fullest potential in all areas of life.

Strathcona Stories

It is with delight that we congratulate the Class of 2021 on their exceptional VCE results.
Strathcona is delighted to announce a new partnership with Women’s Property Initiatives (WPI). Our partnership with WPI will help our girls to become more conscious citizens, to be aware of the needs of the broader community, and to consider how collectively we can create better futures for women. It will also build their understanding of important social issues.
Named one of The Educator’s most Innovative Schools of 2021 in recognition of the award-winning Strathcona TC Envision Program – specifically tailored for Year 9 students and woven together with the Victorian Curriculum – teaches important entrepreneurial and life-ready skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, design capability, intellect, collaboration, communication and resilience. The Educator writes about TC Envision and why it is recognised as one of the most innovative programs in Australia.
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To become unstoppable, a girl must first be set into motion

Strathcona is a catalyst of a life changing momentum, ensuring each girl discovers a trajectory as unique and full of potential as she is.

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