Upcoming Events

We warmly invite you to the 2021 Virtual Senior Art and Design Show titled Metamorphosis. The theme of this year’s Senior Art and Design Show ‘Metamorphosis’ represents the newly imagined future and symbolizes renewal and change. The art and design pieces showcase the talented work of Strathcona’s Year 7 to Year 12 students. I hope you enjoy the show and are inspired by all of the dedication and aptitude of work produced by the Strathcona students, some at school and some in lockdown.
Please join us to celebrate the girls from ELC-Year 6 and their creative endeavours at the Annual Art Exhibition. Both collaborative and individual pieces on display exploring both two and three-dimensional forms and a wide variety of mediums for your viewing.

Strathcona Stories

Four students from the Class of 2020 were accepted into Medicine and are now studying together at Monash University. Head of Careers and Partnerships, Ms Joanna Buckley interviews Anoushka Baruah (’20), Rebecca Evans (’20) and Caitlin Eccleston (’20) about their chosen career and the steps involved to enter Medicine.
Strathcona Girls Grammar was recognised for its innovation and forward-thinking TC Envision program. It is a program that teaches life-ready skills through entrepreneurship.
A child’s learning environment impacts their view of themselves and their place in the world, which is why we strive to create a safe and supportive space where our girls have the opportunity and the drive to try new things, discover their talents, and develop a strong sense of self and the confidence that will enable them to strive for their goals, regardless of the environment they find themselves in or its gender makeup.
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To become unstoppable, a girl must first be set into motion

Strathcona is a catalyst of a life changing momentum, ensuring each girl discovers a trajectory as unique and full of potential as she is.

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