Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, August 15
  • ELC, Junior School, Senior School
Due to Covid-19 our 15 August School Tours have been postponed. However, we plan to run them in the future so please register to be kept informed. It is imperative that you book to be able to see Strathcona’s campuses.
  • Saturday, July 25
  • Virtual tour of Tay Creggan
Tay Creggan is part of Open House Melbourne 2020. Join us for a digital celebration of the architecture of this beautiful building.

Strathcona Stories

"The Comedy Festival has always ushered in the beginning of Autumn, and its cancellation two weeks before opening signaled something far more ominous for the arts community. At a time when Australians desperately needed to laugh, the cancellation of one of the world’s largest comedy festivals brought the impact of Covid-19 home..." writes our Director of Productions, Mrs Claire Johns.
'...we can't waste this opportunity to analyse and discuss which systems and practices embraced during this period actually enhanced the teaching and learning experience, and simply revert to the ways we've always done things.' states Principal Mrs Marise McConaghy in The Age.
Strathcona is proud to be named a finalist in three categories for the Australian Educator Awards: Innovation in Curriculum Design, Best Stem Program and Best Use of Technology. We empower students to create, not only consume, technology enabling them input into their future world.
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To become unstoppable, a girl must first be set into motion

Strathcona is a catalyst of a life changing momentum, ensuring each girl discovers a trajectory as unique and full of potential as she is.

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