November 2019

Financial literacy banner

The value of financial literacy in girls’ education

Teaching financial literacy in the classroom is one promising way to improve the financial capacity of young women today. Equally, we encourage our students to talk about money with their parents at home. Financial education is a building block for the future, ensuring our next generation of leaders follows the best financial path at every age to secure them the future of their dreams.

Dear Year 12 2019 Mail banner

Dear Year 12 students of 2019

Don’t be afraid to change the course of your life, Take yourself out of your context and Seek dissent is a small portion of the wisdom shared in letters from our alumnae to our Year 12 students. As our Year 12s head toward the last of their exams, we encourage them to reflect on their letters and the wisdom shared. #girlsunstoppable #unstoppablewomen

STEAM initiative EduTECH

Best STEAM Initiative in AustralAsia

Strathcona has won the award for Best STEAM Initiative at the EduTech Asia Awards! This award recognises a school that has taken their STEAM curriculum to the next level, created interdisciplinary learning experiences for its students by successfully incorporating both inquiry and problem-based learning methods.