November 2020

TC Envision design

The $9000 Project

“The development in individual reflections, responses to feedback and data, and the ability of groups to troubleshoot and work together, were all heightened.” This year’s TC Envision program pivoted and students were able to learn more and expand their confidence. Ms Liesl Woods writes about the program’s 2020 journey.

marise mcconaghy headshot

Strength through adversity: What 2020 has taught our students

The events of this year have taught us many lessons — perhaps the most significant one being that our students have remarkable resilience and aptitude for new ways of learning. We underestimated students’ desire and capacity to be self-organised, self-motivated and independent, and although we suspected this in many of them, the pandemic has forced us to move away from traditional structures and given students a chance to prove themselves extremely capable in charting their own paths.

karyn and liesl with students

Turning challenges into opportunities and big ideas

“For Year 9 students at Strathcona Girls Grammar in Melbourne, things in the classroom are always a little different. They learn together on the school’s separate Tay Creggan campus, and take part in the bespoke TC Envision Program, which teaches important life-ready skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication and resilience.” Read a full interview with two of our TC Envision staff by the Wade Institute.