July 2020

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Open House Melbourne virtual tour of Tay Creggan

Take a virtual tour of the magnificent building Tay Creggan and learn about its interesting history. You can also take a tour of Tay Creggan in Minecraft or download the TC Minecraft world and explore on your own in Minecraft. Additionally, listen to the TC Envision webinar with the League of Extraordinary Women or listen to mini lessons of food technology, science or drama.

Survival of the Arts Art

The Survival of the Arts

“The Comedy Festival has always ushered in the beginning of Autumn, and its cancellation two weeks before opening signaled something far more ominous for the arts community. At a time when Australians desperately needed to laugh, the cancellation of one of the world’s largest comedy festivals brought the impact of Covid-19 home…” writes our Director of Productions, Mrs Claire Johns.