Strathy Stories

Owl and the Albatross

Alumni Paris Balla’s (’15)play is part of the VCE Playlist this year. The Owl and the Albatross will be studied across the state. This is only part of Paris’ career in theatre. Paris wants to ensure representation is visible for all. Learn more about their journey so far.

Power of Education

From recording indigenous Australian languages in remote Northern Territory to completing an Masters of Education in France, Elena Mujkic (’08) discovered the essence of teaching and engaging students and has taken her knowledge and passion to make a difference with students with learning differences.  Read about her impressive career to date and and the impact education has had on Elena’s life.

Good Business

Seeking a viable future and harnessing industry innovation is Head of Sustainability at David Jones & Country Road Group, alumna Eloise Bishop (’93). Eloise has adapted and embraced learning throughout her career to have a positive impact on our future world.

Following Happy

Chief of Staff, COO and alumna, Mads Hallett (’14) shares how she follows what makes her happy and how it has led her to work with companies such as Uber and #4 LinkedIn top startup, Mr Yum.

Genomics making a positive difference

“It is an exciting time to work in genomics and I love that our work is making a difference to patients and their families.” says alumnae and Senior Clinical Research Scientist, Caitlin Bennett (’09). Following her passion for working with people and science, Caitlin has found her niche. Read more about her journey.

Having a Voice

A career on TV, an author, stand-up comedian, live performer and most famously a radio presenter, alumnae Jo Stanley (’90) has an extensive career in media. Reflecting on her career journey to date and what has driven her, there is one thing that gives her more reason than others – ” To amplify the voices who are usually not heard.”

Narrating a career

An artist at heart, Cara Edney (’08) started her career on stage, but soon realised she had the natural talent for voice-over. Now a professional voice-over artist with her own recording studio in Barcelona and working with companies such as Netflix. Read more to discover Cara’s career journey.