Girls Unstoppable Podcast

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Inspiring girls and women to become unstoppable. This is what Girls Unstoppable is about. Hear topics that the younger generation of girls want to unpack - from the juggle of career and motherhood to self-care and so much more. Empowering you to overcome opposition of everyday life to become unstoppable. #girlsunstoppable

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Episode 1

IF SHE DID IT, SO CAN I. This episode hears from:Peggy O’Neal, Richmond Football Club president, Marise McConaghy, Alliance of Girls School Australasia president and Principal of Strathcona Girls Grammar, Helene Lee, Norton Rose Fullbright partner and Strathcona alumnae, Jo Stanley, TV and radio presentor, Strathcona alumnae, and host of Girls Unstoppable. These incredible ladies share their life experiences and the moments that gave them the courage to be unstoppable. #girlsunstoppable

Episode 2

How amazing are our bodies? We don’t often stop to reflect on just how much our bodies can do. In this episode of Girls Unstoppable TV and radio presenter Jo Stanley, author Jess Sanders, GP Dr Elsa Green, Head of Wellbeing Amber Sowden, and student Catia D’Anna discuss how amazing our bodies really are and what we should celebrate. #girlsunstoppable

Episode 3

SELF-CARE ISN’T SELFISH – Explore what self-care is and how should we care for our physical and mental health with CEO of Smiling Mind App. Addie Wooten, Teacher Rhiannon Ward, Strathcona Alumnae and founder of Bend it like Bamboo Amanda Campbell with co-hosts student Francesca Clarke and TV and radio presenter and Strathcona Alumnae Jo Stanley.#girlsunstoppable