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What the next generation of female CEOs need to know

The events of the last year have put leaders from all industries under the spotlight, providing plenty of examples of both poor and best practice for the world to analyse. And while a global pandemic is an extraordinary event, crises and situations of extreme stress and pressure generally do reveal a lot about a person’s capacity for leadership. Leaders and organisations that have responded well are those that have stayed true to their values and mission and used these as a compass when the landscape continued to shift and change.

Pandemic normalises remote learning

“Schools must prepare students to operate in this new hybrid world, where we both work independently and collaborate in person. An education that encourages students to independently grapple with problems and think creatively, while also enabling group collaboration and community learning, will provide them with the best opportunity to thrive,” Mrs Simone Boland, Dean of Teaching and Learning says in an interview with The Australian Financial Review.

School Libraries just as important as ever

IN this modern era of fake news and alternative facts, school libraries are more important than they have ever been. Well-resourced and utilised, they are a vital part of preparing students for the future by facilitat¬ing a range of skills, including the ability to find information quickly and identify trustworthy sources.

What’s going to work for me

How to use the lessons of COVID for your career. Head of Careers and Partnerships Ms Joanna Buckley offers 7 tips when planning your career pathway. Year 12 student, Rianna, comments on how COVID has her thinking differently about her future career.