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School’s innovative program helping girls envision a successful future

Named one of The Educator’s most Innovative Schools of 2021 in recognition of the award-winning Strathcona TC Envision Program – specifically tailored for Year 9 students and woven together with the Victorian Curriculum – teaches important entrepreneurial and life-ready skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, design capability, intellect, collaboration, communication and resilience. The Educator writes about TC Envision and why it is recognised as one of the most innovative programs in Australia.

Sweet Success

TC Envision students receive a shout in the Herald Sun for their business nous. Year 9 students learn business skills as they build and develop their business through the TC Envision program.

Back To School After Lockdown- how to help your kids transition

Strathcona Girls Grammar school psychologist Kerri Rhodes spoke with ABC Everyday about how parents can best help their children navigate returning to school after lockdown. Kerri says, “We should remember that the uncertainty of the past months has been unsettling, and parents and schools need to focus on helping kids feel connected and a part of classrooms and schoolyards again.”

Why schools must continue to foster independent learning

Through exhaustion and yearning for normalcy and familiarity, it is still important for us to use this opportunity of the pandemic to analyse and discuss which systems and practices implemented during this extraordinary time have actually enhanced the learning experience and to apply these to our schools and curriculum if we’re to properly equip the next generation for life beyond the school gates.

Striding out for pathways to empowerment

Adaptability and resilience are necessary skills for the 21st century, writes Anders Furze.
For many schools, the days of viewing students as “empty vessels” to be filled with knowledge are long gone. To best equip students to navigate the uncertainty of the 21st century, many schools are combining traditional learning areas with a focus on transferable skills such as adaptability, resilience, problem-solving, and communication.

How girls’ schools foster confidence, shaping female leaders of tomorrow

A child’s learning environment impacts their view of themselves and their place in the world, which is why we strive to create a safe and supportive space where our girls have the opportunity and the drive to try new things, discover their talents, and develop a strong sense of self and the confidence that
will enable them to strive for their goals, regardless of the environment they find themselves in or its gender makeup.