Day: December 14, 2021

Creative Response to Northanger Abbey

“Catherine crept further under her bedclothes, her blood chilled, a cold sweat on her forehead; she was unable to forget the horrible thoughts the day had brought her. What had begun as an innocent walk through the gardens, a pleasurable tour through the Abbey, had rapidly become a day of terror and suspicion.” An excerpt from Sarah Adam’s year 12 Literature Creative Response. The accompanying artwork is by Year 11 student Sophie Neil, Narrative Mixed Media. Read on below.

Comparative Essay on Stasiland by Anna Funder and Never Let me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

“Anna Funder’s literary non-fiction novel Stasiland and Kazuo Ishiguro’s elegiac dystopian novel Never Let Me Go both consider the necessity and desire for human connection that people experience no matter the situation they may find themselves in.” An excerpt from Dominique Banjac’s Year 12 English Comparative Essay. The artwork is by Jacy Lu, Tonal Treasures photography. Read the full piece below.

Focus Analysis on Sylvia Plath’s Poetry

“Central to her work as a confessional poet, Plath’s painfully honest poetry explores the idea of the self and seeks to highlight those persistent threats, through which a woman’s identity is questioned.” An excerpt from Elizabeth O’Sullivan’s Year 11 Literature Focus Analysis. The accompanying artwork is by Lara Venema, Dreams and Nightmares Acrylic on Canvas.