School shows its age

In the media: Progress Leader, 23 July 2019, page 1 & 5


This year marks the 95th birthday of Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School and our prep students were excited to celebrate our 95 Days of School festivities.

As the preps walked through the gates, they were greeted with lit up 95 numbers and were eager for a day of celebrations.

Our preps created portraits in art called When I Am 95 Years Old. My favourite part of teaching at Strathcona is seeing students develop self confidence to be creative and take initiative with learning, and those faces that are so proud because they’ve just achieved something amazing.

Kate Morgan, Prep teacher

Year 5

Program gives Year 5 girls ‘emotional toolkit of skills’

Social Tuesdays provides a nurturing classroom environment. Our perspective is that all students are open to having an opinion, and even if they are nervous, their contribution is highly valued. As a result of our focus on Emotional Intelligence through Social Tuesdays, we have also observed our students as a group are more cohesive and there has been a significant increase in collaboration.

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Gilbert HOuse

Meet Head of Gilbert

“Always keep learning” is the message from Head of Gilbert House, Ms Mary Ann Oakley. Growth mindset is essential to the future of work and something Strathcona instills in its students.

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Findlay House

Meet the Head of Findlay

To be kind and to care. Kind to themselves, the environment and to others. Care for themselves both physically and mentally and then care for others where possible,” is sound advice from Head of Findlay Miss Rebecca Kerr.

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