Unstoppable Girls Begin With You

When I ask families why they chose Strathcona, usually they tell me something about the ‘’feel’’ of the place. This is then often closely followed by a comment about the ‘’warmth’’ of the Strathy community. These two intangibles have long been a huge part of what makes our school so special. We are built on a rich history of generations of generous, intelligent and humble people who share a set of common values. There’s a certain understatedness about the Strathcona community, but don’t be fooled by it – it’s most certainly intentional.

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It’s my job at Strathcona to seek support for the types of transformational projects that can catalyse the impact the Strathcona woman has on our world. And what a time to be doing it! In the last months there has been a noticeable increase in the momentum of discourse related to issues of women’s equality. We have celebrated wins including the record number of women entering Australian parliament, but also witnessed disturbing setbacks, such as changes in the constitutional rights of women in some countries. 

If the events of late have reinforced anything it’s that now more than ever, we must invest in women and demonstrate our collective belief in the transformative power of an all-girls education.

I am delighted to announce that, in October this year, we will be launching an appeal to raise funds for our first all-rounder scholarship for a disadvantaged student. Funded through the generosity of the Strathcona community and offered in our Centenary year, the Strathcona Centenary Scholarship will be a fully means tested scholarship. It will be our chance to give a deserving girl (normally without opportunity) access to the Strathcona experience. A chance to set her in motion and  truly change the course of her future.

Our short term goal for this fund is to support a student or students beginning in 2024 (our Centenary year), however, our bold, long-term goal is to build a multimillion dollar endowment to enable this, and other diversity scholarships to be offered to eligible students including rural, indigenous and needs-based students, forever.

Chances are, if you are reading this then you already understand the value of a Strathcona education. Our exceptional quality of teaching, purposeful pastoral care and visionary leadership ensures that a Strathy girl is given the agency that encourages her to use her education, professional capacity, influence, and philanthropic sensibility to initiate and pursue change.

Strathcona will always be the best kept secret of Canterbury, but I believe it’s time for us to stand up and broadcast what makes this amazing school so unique and so transformative for young women. Please consider a gift to the Strathcona Centenary Scholarship this year and change the life of a girl just waiting for her unstoppable.

The Strathcona Centenary Scholarship

A community funded scholarship for deserving girls exemplifying the Strathcona spirit.

To celebrate 100 years of Strathcona, the Strathcona Centenary Scholarship will give girls who don’t have the means to attend our school a way to do so and realise their full potential. And we need your help to get it moving.

It will be a means tested, full access scholarship, awarded annually from 2024 to a girl or girls with an unstoppable spirit who show promise across a range of interests and areas.

It will be funded by the generosity of the Strathcona community, and contributions are now being welcomed. So whether you’re a current or past parent, staff, alumna, or special friend, you have the power to make transformational change in young girls’ lives, and help shape them into truly unstoppable women.

To contribute ahead of the appeal or for more information, contact our team on 03 8779 7500.

Eliza Goding, Development Manager