Parent Seminar: Mindfulness

Tuesday 20 August, Senior Campus, 34 Scott Street, Canterbury, 7.00pm-8.30pm
Guest Speaker:
Dr Richard Chambers
Mindfulness is being fully engaged and present in each moment of our lives. It includes a series of attention training exercises, applications and cognitive strategies that help us achieve this. A rapidly growing body of research shows that practising and applying mindfulness leads to improved wellbeing, better work performance and improved relationships.

Please join us as Dr Richard Chambers talks about what mindfulness is, why it matters and how it might help your daughters.

Tickets: This is a free event. To book please click here.



In their future employment our students will need to act on local and global issues. This will be the case in all areas of employment. They will benefit from being able to take into consideration intercultural differences, along with the ability to break down stereotypes and challenge attitudes.

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Stand against plastic straws

Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School Year 2 student Zoë, along with the support of the Year 6 Green Team — Sienna, Mia, Rajaani and Charlotte — recently wrote a letter to Strathcona’s principal Marise McConaghy, asking for consideration to remove plastic straws at the school canteen.

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Students go Green by Lobbying Principal to Ban Plastic Straws

You are never too young to care about the world around you – or to speak up for what you believe in.

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