Continous Online Learning

Whether in the classroom or at home, ensuring our students learning progresses whilst remaining connected and engaged is the focus of Strathcona’s Continuous Online Learning program.

Strathcona provides a seamless transition from the classroom to an online learning environment and back again during this challenging time. The program ensures continuous learning where students and teachers move between the classroom to online without interruption and embrace and transition to remote learning with ease.

Technology Acumen

Strathcona is an AustralAsia leader in education innovation and adaption of emerging technologies.  We prioritise technology training for our staff and students. This enables us to finetune any tech issues while at School and devices are accessible, as well as managing students’ confidence and expectations of the online learning experience. In addition, we have consistent policies to ensure the privacy and safety of everyone using our online learning technology. Whilst learning remotely, IT support is readily available in the event a student is having technical difficulties at home.

All classes are conducted via Microsoft Teams and each day students and teacher log on and commence their class timetable. Our staff are dedicated to delivering their classes effectively online and ensure the engagement of their students. From interactive virtual classrooms, to using flipboards or having students write letters to the class fairy to strengthen literacy, our teachers are creatively delivering the curriculum online.

Quality Teaching

The online learning environment promotes independent learning practices, good time-management as well as the development of self-motivation. Our teachers ensure they give their students the opportunity to ask questions and make time for this, as studies have shown that students often report feeling less comfortable to ask questions in an online learning environment. We want to ensure their learning is uninterrupted so making time to answer questions is required in our online classes to maintain effective teacher student feedback.

Wellbeing Focus

Our key focus while learning remotely is ensuring our students manage their wellbeing. We encourage physical activity breaks, time spent outdoors and time away from their screens. Students’ report feeling disengaged, tired or unmotivated when they spend too much time on their devices so we stress the importance of taking regular breaks.  We change the timetable to allow for this flexibility when teaching online.

We also organise several activities to keep them engaged with the outside world including community activities, (e.g., writing letters to retired alumnae or fellow students), outreach activities and reflection tasks (journal writing) to be in touch with their feelings while learning online.

Strathcona has received glowing feedbacks from students, parents, and staff on our Continuous Online Learning program. Students have reported their increased ability to adapt, maintain motivation, focus on their mental health and remain positive and patient in an ever-changing world.

Forward Thinking

Just like the Covid-19 situation, our Continuous Online Learning program is always evolving. We consistently make note of emerging best practice in the online learning space and reflect and adjust our approach to ensure we are delivering the most effective learning for our students.

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