Extraordinary women mentors wanted

In the media: Progress Leader, 19 February 2019, page 3 http://leader.smedia.com.au/progress/

Students at Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar are learning to make their career dreams a reality with the guidance of some homegrown female entrepreneurs.

Chloe, League of Extraordinary Women chief executive Sheryl Thai and Lizzie. Picture: Joasie Hayden

The school has teamed up with The League of Extraordinary Women, co-founded by Cupcake Central director Sheryl Thai of Melbourne, to host workshops that share important life skills and advice with the next generation of female high-achievers.

School principal Marise McConaghy said it was essential young women learned to find their passion and integrate them with study and work.

Successful women like Thai were needed to share their stories so young girls could learn from their example. “The Strathcona and The League partnership focuses on mentoring and educating young girls about industry enterprise, start-ups and the power of femalelead initiatives,” she said.

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Kids in a class of their own

Parents struggling to work out at which age is best for children to start school have been reminded that every child should be looked at as an individual rather than just a number.

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Unveiling 3

True parity before the 22nd century?

. There are only nine women CEOs and ten women chairing boards in ASX 200 companies. At the rate things are progressing, we won’t reach true parity with men until the 22nd century!

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Progress Leader front page Nintendo

Make learning fun? No problem for Strathcona

“Our students start learning about digital programs and technology during the first few years of their education … which is essential when building a strong foundation of problem-solving.”

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