Class of 2021 – Celebrating Achievement

It is with delight that we congratulate the Class of 2021 on their exceptional VCE results.

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We are immensely proud of the dedication, adaptability, and hard work of our students and teachers to achieve these strong academic results with the constant support and encouragement of parents. We will celebrate and formally recognise our Dux, Alyssa Yap, and scholarly achievements at the Leaders and Scholars Assembly on 8 February 2022.

In 2021 we came together as an exceptional learning community and demonstrated resilience, compassion and care bringing out the best in our young people. Thank you to our students, parents, staff and all.

The diversity of achievements across all academic disciplines, not to mention the co-curricular participation, has enriched the students’ lives and will assist in post-school pursuits. I am immensely proud of our students who have started to find their own individual passions and interests, demonstrating determination and exhibiting leadership.

Our graduating students will continue to grow and learn while also contributing positively to the world. I look forward to celebrating their stories of achievement and contribution over time as our youngest alumnae. I encourage them to maintain confidence and consciously seek to strengthen an adaptable, agile, ‘can-do’ approach to all that life presents.

And finally, remember that a Strathcona girl – or any person – is far more than a number and should question such simplistic categorisation. This number may open particular doors just now, but personal ambition, personality, creativity and courage, will contribute to the course of the future. Go forward bravely, faithfully and optimistically.