Blasting off to the US a memorable experience

Strathcona Girls Grammar Year 10 student

Strathcona students meet astronaut Nicole Stott on a trip to the US.

I had the incredible opportunity of participating in the CASE Junior Space School Program at Huntsville, Alabama, and Houston, Texas, recently.

This program explored many areas of science that will contribute to the future of space exploration.

We started our journey at Huntsville, where we stayed at the US Space & Rocket Center and attended its Space Camp program.

My favourite part of our time there were the simulated space missions, which were an insightful and effective bonding exercise.

Next we headed to Houston, where we met Nicole Stott and learnt about her journey as an astronaut.

We also went to an NBA game between the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs.

There was a big turnout and we all joined in the “Let’s Go Rockets” chant — an experience to remember.

I really enjoyed the entire experience, but the simulated missions at Huntsville taught us about the stressful jobs of mission controllers.

I learnt about the teamwork, co-operation and trust needed between the astronauts and mission controllers, and that people of all professions can get a placement in mission control or at NASA.

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