Advice for the return to school: Year 8

To ensure a smooth transition as we begin 2023, here are some strategies to ensure your daughter experiences a successful start to the year.

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Tip 1 – Organisation 

It is important to start a new year with smart habits such as organisation.  Reminding your daughter to set aside some time to set up their week is important.  Students can use Maple to review their timetable and add this to their Planner or Outlook Calendar.  A great tip is also to set aside time each night to review what they may need to bring to school or work on for the next day. 

Tip 2 – Recreate Routines 

It can sometimes be difficult after the summer holidays to reset our daily routines.  This involves ensuring that your daughter is going to bed at a reasonable time, eating regularly and creating a weekly timetable to ensure she can dedicate time to school as well as her hobbies.  Our students will also be provided with new study techniques at the beginning of the year to support study habits at home. 

Tip 3 – Self Care 

It is important to reflect on how your daughter may be feeling and to use strategies that will aid their wellbeing. 

This may involve asking her to reflect on her feelings and highlighting the great opportunities they will have with their teachers and friends as they return to Strathcona.  Self-care during this time also includes your daughter reflecting on their physical wellbeing such as what they are eating, fitting in time for exercise and sleeping well, to have energy to tackle each day. 

Another key reminder of self-care is to consider making time to ensure your daughter is undertaking their favorite hobbies such as going for a walk, listening to music or undertaking some creative passions.  

Tip 4 – Supporting Each Other 

It can sometimes feel overwhelming or challenging as our students commence new subjects, new classes and working with different students and teachers. However, there are many ways for your daughter to feel supported at Strathcona. This includes reaching out to their Wellbeing teacher, Subject teacher or your Year level Coordinator. 

It is important to remind our students that many of their friends may also feel concerned at times too, so it is great to discuss these challenges with their peers as they are often not alone. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your daughters’ Year Level Coordinator, Melissa Patel. 

Kara Baxter, Dean of Teaching and Learning.