Advice for the return to school: Year 10

The anticipation of coming back from TC is different for all students and for some, this time can be challenging. Year 9 is a year of independence and exploration with our students fortunate enough to do this with the autonomy of their own campus. Coming back to Year 10 and the routine of the main campus can take some getting used to. Below are some tips to help parents and students transition positively.

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Tip 1 – Re-establish Routines 

It is a long summer holiday, and it is time for parents to start encouraging their daughters to get back into their daily routine. This means getting to bed earlier to avoid sleeping in half the morning. It is likely phone usage will have been at an all-time high throughout the break so now is a good opportunity to discuss with your daughter the expectations for their phone use as school returns. Simple things will change for Year 10 in 2023 including their transport routes and extra curricular arrangements. Discussing these in advance with your daughters will help them feel in control of their new year. 

Tip 2 – Get involved 

Our Year 10s had a significantly interrupted experience as Year 7 and 8 students on the Canterbury campus and there are many opportunities at main school that they may not have participated in. Year 9 and 10 remains a transition time for peer friendships and therefore being involved in the diverse range of activities that Strathcona offers helps your daughter to widen her social circle. Encourage her to try new things and be open to exploring different activities. Year 10 is a good time for your daughters to start finding their passion as this will help to inform their VCE subject selection and post school pathway. 

Tip 3 – Managing expectations 

Lots of students report a big jump in academic expectations between Year 9 and 10. Year 10 really is the foundation year for VCE and the students will notice an increase in workload as they move deeper in Term 1. It would be helpful for you to begin a conversation with your daughter about how they intend to manage this. Helping your daughter to develop strategies for dealing with the step up to senior school will help them navigate feelings normal feelings of pressure and stress. Good organisation and commitment to homework will set them up for success so agree on what that looks like early on. Their subject teachers and Heads of House are a great resource for helping the girls set up good habits. 

Tip 4 – Connecting with the staff 

The relationship you and your daughter have with the Strathcona staff is an important part of her success. Year 10 sees the start of our vertical structure whereby your daughter’s care is overseen by a Head of House, and she is supported by a Senior Mentor. Our Head of House team is looking forward to partnering with your family over the final 3 years of your Strathcona journey, please encourage your daughter to connect with her House team early in Term 1 as this relationship is critical to her success. 

Amber Sowden, Dean of Students