School Governance

Strathcona’s vision is to be recognised as the premier girls’ school in Melbourne, at the forefront of curriculum delivery and pastoral care. We aim to foster the academic achievement of students at all ability levels and promote excellence in a wide range of co-curricular activities.

The Board of Directors

The School’s constitutional structure is served by a Board of Directors.

The Board exists to provide:

  • policy development and ongoing review
  • financial oversight
  • strategic planning
  • risk management
  • good governance in general
  • support with marketing.

The day-to-day management of the School rests with the Principal and her staff.

The Board comprises 6 to 15 members. Some are current parents and some are past students or parents of past students. All share a collective aim of protecting and enhancing the welfare of the School.

The Board composition reflects a diverse School community. All Board members have leadership experience; many have financial, legal, education or marketing expertise.

Board Members

Our current Board includes:

  • Chair: Mrs Jocelyn Furlan, B.Com, LLB, MAICD, FIPA
  • Deputy Chair/Marketing Chair: Ms Sonia Rendigs, B.Public Relations and Organisational Communication (NY) (Marketing)
  • Deputy Chair/Board Secretary: Ms Trudy Skilbeck, B.Sc., LLB, FGIA, FCIS
  • Property Chair: Mr Robert McFee, B.Arch., CertTech, Member ARB
  • Baptist Union Representative: Mr Michael Pittendrigh, B.Bus (Accounting), Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Community Groups Representative: Mrs Jocelyn Furlan, B.Com., LLB, MAICD, FIPA
  • Old Strathconians Association Representative: Ms Laura Loftus, B.Com.(Accounting), LLB (Hons)
  • Mrs Laurinda Gardner, B.A. (Hons), GAICD
  • Mr John McKinnon, B.Sc., Grad.Dip. (Comp)
  • Mr Glen Noonan, B.Sc. (Computer Science and Accounting), Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Ex Officio: Mrs Marise McConaghy B.A., Dip. Ed., ASDA, MACE, FAIM
  • Business Manager/Company Secretary: Mr Mark Glover, Assoc. Dip. Bus., Dip. Corporate Governance, CPA, MBA

Subcommittees of the Board

The ‘engine room’ of the Board is its Subcommittees, currently comprising:

  • a Governance Committee
  • a Finance Committee
  • a Property Committee
  • a Marketing Committee
  • a Strategic Planning Committee.

How are Board Members Appointed?

The School Board will comprise of no less than six and no more than 15 persons consisting of the following:

  1. At least six persons approved by the Baptist Union of Victoria.
  2. No more than five persons nominated by the School.
  3. One member nominated by the Old Strathconians Association.
  4. One member nominated by the School to represent the School Community groups.
  5. The President at the time of the Baptist Union of Victoria or a nominee of the President.

The Principles We Work From

In its policies and practices, the School supports and promotes the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

  • elected government
  • the rule of law
  • equal rights for all before the law
  • freedom of religion
  • freedom of speech and association
  • the values of openness and tolerance.

Strathcona is a not-for-profit independent school.

Reporting on Progress

Annual Report

The Annual Report is distributed to families at the beginning of each academic year, covering the previous year. It forms part of the School’s compliance with government requirements and standards, reporting on:

  • staff attendance, retention and qualifications
  • expenditure on and participation in professional development
  • student attendance and retention
  • parent, student and teacher satisfaction
  • results of NAPLAN testing for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9
  • VCE results and post-school destinations.

View the latest Annual Report.

Previous Annual Reports can be viewed in the Publications section of our News.

School Registration

The Education and Training Reform Act 2006 sets minimum standards and other requirements for school registration. The process of validation of a school’s compliance is overseen by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority.

Strathcona underwent the process of validation of compliance in 2010.

Strathcona’s Privacy Policy

Please find details of Strathcona’s privacy policy on the Privacy Policy page.

Strathcona’s Volunteer Information

Please download Strathcona’s volunteer policy.

Child Protection

Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School is an organisation committed to Child Protection and to the implementation of Childsafe policies and practices.