Turning your Dream into a Living: Entrepreneurship with Nicole Eckels

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When listing the attributes that will help ensure young people thrive in the future workplace, entrepreneurship features prominently. It is therefore fitting that our next speaker for the Centre for Learning Futures is an entrepreneur, CEO of Sapphire Group (Glasshouse Candles & Circa Home) Nicole Eckels.

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Having built a highly successful business, Nicole Eckels will share with us some of that experience and what was involved in turning her dream into a reality.

Entrepreneurship can include ambition, confidence to act on one’s plans, perseverance, vision, customer focus, creativity and financial skills. These words describe not a job but self-determination, someone who is going to shape their careers and contribute to whatever they are part of. The entrepreneur stands in contrast to the labourer, however skilled, or even professional, who does the job someone else has in mind. The entrepreneur is not just an extra set of hands or skills but a source of ideas, directions and concepts and their implementation. Entrepreneurs notice what is missing and fill the gap.

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Nicole Eckels is a prominent example among Australia’s entrepreneurs. Developing her own hugely successful business from what she observed as an opening in the Australian market for fragrance products, she did not just complain that she could not find what she wanted. She saw an opportunity and made it her career.

Join us, students, parents, staff and others, online on to hear Nicole’s story. Whether our dream is to start our own business or not, most would want to be involved in forging their own career, not just being at the merci of the jobs market.