Towards Greener Classrooms

Strathcona is committed to reducing our carbon footprint by making significant changes through introducing greener alternatives on ourcampuses. Monitoring our energy consumption and being mindful of the impact on our environment, will ensure a better Earth for girls and families everywhere.

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When the media isn’t reporting on Covid, lockdowns and overseas conflict, it seems to be reporting on Climate Change. And for good reason. Just before lockdown 4.0, we witnessed another round of student led, “Strike 4 Climate’’ events, which saw thousands of students from across the country pleading to our government for more commitment to change. It is timely then, that our efforts here at Strathcona to make the necessary changes that will drive down our own emissions, have picked up such momentum!

Through our inaugural Annual Appeal, and the generosity of our ‘’early adopters’’ we predict that we can already abate over 19 Tonnes of CO2 in our first year, thanks to the IoT (Internet of Things) technology we will purchase at the end of the project. But what exactly is IoT technology and why have we chosen to invest in it?

In a nutshell, Internet of Things is the concept of connecting any device (so long as it has an on/off switch) to the Internet and to other connected devices. The IoT is a giant network of connected things and people all of which collect and share data about the way they are used and about the environment around them.

In our case, with your help, the technology we will purchase will help make our heating, ventilation, cooling and irrigation assets ‘’smarter’’. For example, with IoT in place, our air conditioners will learn patterns of behaviour in the spaces they occupy to ensure they are only ever in use when the spaces themselves are being used. Our irrigation systems will know not to start watering the grounds when rain has been predicted for the next day. The amount of energy Strathcona can save with this type of technology equates to up to 122 Tonnes of CO2 saved from entering the atmosphere – just in the first year!

Strathcona’s proposed IoT project is just one of a suite of actions we will being taking to leave our footprint that little bit greener for generations to come. We already have a 100,000L water tank under our tennis courts, solar panels, a recycling system and dedicated environmental groups. Across our school, our curriculum includes robust interdisciplinary teachings about a broad range of topics, from the water cycle to renewable resources, thermal mass to biodiversity, big weather events to urban sprawl.

Asking for money is hard, particularly in today’s climate. However, we wholeheartedly believe that this project, which creates a path for others to follow, is a truly good news story in the midst of a pretty difficult time – and every bit worthy of your support.

Join usin donating to Strathcona’s Green Evolution Appeal via this link today or button below. We can’t wait to tell you how it goes!