TC Envision Wins

Strathcona Girls Grammar was recognised for its innovation and forward-thinking TC Envision program. It is a program that teaches life-ready skills through entrepreneurship.

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Over June and July 2021, The Educator invited schools across Australia to participate in the publication’s 5-Star Innovative  School awards. Now in its seventh year, this report recognises the schools at the forefront of change and innovation. Entries were open to all educational professionals who believe their school is pioneering a new direction in education. From teaching approaches to learning spaces and curriculum design, the report looks at schools reshaping the future of education. By the end of the judging process, the entries were narrowed down to the country’s most forward-thinking schools, which make up The Educator’s 5-Star Innovative Schools 2021 list. 


Strathcona Girls Grammar was recognised for its innovation and forward-thinking TC Envision program. It is a program that teaches life-ready skills through entrepreneurship.

Adolescent years are a time of change and development, a time of curiosity, growth, exploration and independence. At such a crucial time of change it’s important for girls to feel they belong, have a high level of support from their family, school and peers and to be actively challenged and engaged in learning. Strategically to grow learning, independence and courage Strathcona has developed the TC Envision program specifically tailored for Year 9 students at their own separate campus. 

Tay Creggan is a historical home on the banks of the Yarra River in Hawthorn. It is part of history and it is creating history with this innovative program. Tay Creggan is Melbourne’s first independent Year 9 campus established in 1969. Unlike other Year 9 programs, our students have the unique opportunity to study at a separate campus, return to their families at night and importantly remain part of the whole school community for school events and celebrations.   

Open house Melbourne home

Woven together with Australian National Year 9 Curriculum Strathcona has developed the TC Envision Program. This program teaches important entrepreneurial and life-ready skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, design capability, intellect, collaboration, communication, and resilience.  An active sport and outdoor program contributes to health and wellbeing. Staff are experts in the emotional, social, physical and cognitive stages of development of young teenage girls. Melbourne is known for its strong enterprise and business culture. TC Envision has a partnership with the League of Extraordinary Women. Mentorship, advice, presentations and inspiration is provided through this network. 

Through the League of Extraordinary Women Strathcona is able to provide access to the world’s best successful female enterprise minds. These young women guide our students through the development of their own business ideas and provide a glimpse of what the future possibilities may look like.

The TC Envision Program is continual throughout the year with an underpinned themed of entrepreneurship and the building of community, sisterhood and networking. Each term has a different theme. Term 1: Exploring space and community.  Term 2: Specialise and upskill. Term 3: Be an entrepreneur. Term 4: Build your credentials.

By the conclusion of Year 9 our students have developed in maturity, formed lifelong friendships and connections, and are well prepared with organisation for learning in the senior years in preparation for VCE.  All students will hold practical awarded credentials as tangible evidence of real life learning in areas such as teamwork, sustainability, Duke of Edinburgh, Barista skills, Financial Management and Adobe Illustrator. 

During this year deep lasting friendships and connections are formed as they forge a new community away from the “noise” of the larger school. Transitioning to senior school in Year 10 they have developed a lasting maturity preparing them for VCE years.