Strathy Stories. Unstoppable Women: Jenika Graze (1981)

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Jenika Graze (1981) aimed to make a difference in the world.

She completed a Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne Uni with a Psychology/ German major. She then embarked on a nursing course, and discovered the field of cancer nursing and palliative care. She has worked in these areas in hospitals and the community ever since. With the desire to work in a developing country she spent 6 months working as a nurse in a hospital in Africa.

Then, in 1995, along with husband Mark and baby daughter she headed to Nepal. Over the next 12 years, she was based in Kathmandu, had three more children, and volunteered in the vaccination clinic at the local mission hospital, working with a women’s group educating women who came from remote villages, and support Hospice Nepal in nurse training, both in their work with very poor patients in the hospice and in helping set up a community visiting service and to develop a palliative care training course. All three daughters have attended Strathcona, and Jenika hopes that they too are challenged to pursue a life of service.

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