Parent Seminar Series: Positive Parenting

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Research has found that parenting styles can influence a child’s emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and control your emotions, as well as being able to communicate to others about how you feel. Children with good emotional intelligence often have better emotional, social and physical functioning, as well as fewer behavioural difficulties. Our guest speaker, Faye Evans is a registered Psychologist and will discuss some practical strategies based on neuroscience of parenting, attachment and emotion coaching to assist parents to tune into their children and assist them to learn to understand and regulate their emotions. Building strong connections with the family while developing autonomy and independence in your children.

Tickets: This is a free event. Please reserve your place here.

We are fortunate to have Faye join us to speak about Positive Parenting. Faye is a registered Psychologist and a full member of the Australian Psychological Society who specializes in delivering parenting programs and attachment based intervention to improve the caregiver-child relationship.She holds a Bachelor-MA in Psychology, a Post Graduate Diploma in Early Education and is currently a PhD graduate-student in the faculty of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne where she works on the “Tuning in to Toddlers” project, she also is a registered parent facilitator for diverse programs. Her experience resides in working collaboratively with families from a strength based approach with child focused goals, combining dyadic parent-child work, emotion coaching parenting skills within a systemic family perspective. Faye Evans is the Director of Emotional Growth Psychology Family Clinic and is currently part of the research team of the Tuning in to Toddlers project at Mindful Centre for Research- University of Melbourne. Her passion and focus of 16 years is in neurosciences, parenting theories, emotion socialization and attachment in families. Engages in tailored parenting consulting sessions, educational assessments, systemic family work and facilitating diverse parenting programs throughout the community tailored to suit the needs of children and families through Kinder, primary schools or Colleges.


Mon. 22 October 2018

7:00 pm – 8:15 pm AEDT