Parent Seminar: Emotional Intelligence and Friendships

Please join us for our Parent Seminar on Emotional Intelligence and Friendships with guest speaker Maryanne Kapoulitsas and Professor Con Stough.

Friendships are complex interpersonal networks that are developed during early childhood and refined during the middle childhood and adolescent years. The process by which friendship skills are tried and tested includes emotional highs and lows which can be tough to observe as a parent. There is strong evidence to show the value of developing emotional competencies for growing healthy and secure friendships. Maryanne will provide practical strategies for parents to support their daughters to develop skills to effectively identify, understand, regulate and use emotions to develop and maintain healthy and genuine friendships with peers. Maryanne is an Emotional Intelligence Schools Consultant from Swinburne University. Professor Con Stough is a Professor at the Swinburne Centre for Human Psychopharmacology and Professor of Psychology.

Tickets: This is a free event. To book please click here.


Doors Open to Tay Creggan

We are proud to be part of Open House Melbourne 2019. Tay Creggan will be part of the impressive Open House Melbourne weekend on Sunday 28 July, 10am-3pm. Tours run every 30 minutes and everyone is invited to tour the impressive building and learn more about Strathcona’s Year 9 campus.

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Visionary for Envision

Meet our Head of Tay Creggan, Strathcona’s Year 9 campus, Mrs Karyn Murray. She brings passion and inspiration to educating adolescents. Year 9 is a time of curiosity, growth exploration and independence. It’s a crucial time of change and it’s important that girls feel they belong, have a high level of support from family, school and peers and to be actively challenged and engaged in learning.

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Pressure mounts on private schools to ban mobile phones

Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School principal Marise McConaghy said phones were a useful learning tool and she was opposed to any ban. She said it was important that students learnt how to manage their phone use.

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