Parent Seminar: Identifying your daughter’s learning strengths

Monday 2 March, 7pm-8.30pm
Guest Speaker: Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist

By assisting your daughter to identify her learning strengths, she’ll be able to capitalise on areas where she is strong and build these into powerful areas of expertise. Learning how to use learning strength areas to increase performance takes some planning but the outcomes are large. When students and parents know the learning strengths and areas yet to be developed, they are better equipped to work with teachers to prioritise learning strategies over the next term or semester. The reduction in performance disabling anxiety is also substantial. Andrew will assist parents with practical strategies.

To be held in Featherstone Hall, Senior School Campus, 34 Scott Street, Canterbury

To register for this seminar, please visit

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How Victorian schools are creating resilient and confident ‘future leaders’

“To us, a leader is anybody who can make a difference big or small, who has the ability to see a problem that needs to be addressed, can think critically and creatively about a remedy, and execute that idea,” Marise McConaghy says.

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Pathway graphs

Measuring a School: VCE and Tertiary Offers

How do you measure the success of a school? The work of schools is so complex and is not done in isolation, with families playing such an important role. There is no clearly defined product. There are many metrics parents and students can use to judge the success of their school: friendships and networks formed, curiosities aroused, sense of belonging, identification of strengths and interests, opportunities to engage in diverse experiences and many, many more. Education certainly cannot be reduced to a number.

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Centre for Learning Futures presents Design your work life

Join us as guest speaker Lisa Leong shares her career journey – from lawyer to radio presenter and entrepreneur.

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