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Kids in a class of their own

Parents struggling to work out at which age is best for children to start school have been reminded that every child should be looked at as an individual rather than just a number.

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Unveiling 3

True parity before the 22nd century?

. There are only nine women CEOs and ten women chairing boards in ASX 200 companies. At the rate things are progressing, we won’t reach true parity with men until the 22nd century!

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Progress Leader front page Nintendo

Make learning fun? No problem for Strathcona

“Our students start learning about digital programs and technology during the first few years of their education … which is essential when building a strong foundation of problem-solving.”

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Meet our Prep Teacher

Early education is important to ensure your daughter obtains the critical love of learning to thrive throughout life. Creative thinking, collaboration, problem solving, digital literacy and strong fundamental literacy and numeracy are essential in building girls confidence and ability to thrive in learning and life.

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Nintendo Labo (2)

Nintendo launches new STEAM program

Australia’s first school to trial Nintendo Labo Creators Workshop building on students STEM skills through play, developing problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking skills.

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Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our universal ability to access issues and perspectives, and our already apparent desire to make positive change in a world riddled with crises seem to me to be the most obvious examples of the kind of change we are going to make.

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Strathcona art

The art of talking on canvas

Imbue II is open at Strathcona’s Open Night, Friday March 22 at 34 Scott St, Canterbury

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Girls school Learning

Learning and transferable skills

There has been much said about the skills needed to thrive in the workplace that the students of today will enter.

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Year 9 melbourne

Future Skills

Providing relevant and immersive enterprise education is Year 9 Tay Creggan’s Envision program.

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TC Envision- Progress Leader

Extraordinary women mentors wanted

Students at Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar are learning to make their career dreams a reality with the guidance of some homegrown female entrepreneurs.

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Adapt, Improvise and Overcome.

Just as our school motto says, I am Brave. Happy and Faithful.

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Phone image

‘As a principal, I don’t want a phone ban at school’

Mobile phones can be a great educational tool when used correctly, from taking photographs of fieldwork in geography, to slow motion videos to analyse motion in physics. Students can also use a school’s apps to stay on top of their timetable, co-curricular dates and due work, making it easier to stay organised.

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