Letter of gratitude

As the new year begins and teachers prepare to welcome back students into their classroom, this letter of gratitude was shared with our staff from a serving council member.

Dear Teachers,

Thank you. What you have done for my children this year is more than I could have asked. They were taught. They learned. They grew as students and as people, but more than all of that…

They were loved. They were cared for. And I’m so grateful. To be honest, I feel a little weepy. Okay. I’m crying as I type.

Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe here at the end of the school year when we are all making our way toward the finish line doing the very best that we can, I’m just emotionally spent. (Aren’t we all?!) After all, raising children is no easy task. But maybe I’m more emotional than usual because I recognize that is exactly what we are doing together.

We are raising these children. There is all that talk about how it takes a village to raise a child. But when I made the choice to send my children to school, I realized that I was trusting you with being a part of our village. I was trusting you to help me raise them.

So before I say one more word, I want to say thank you for being someone that I can trust with my kids. Thank you for your compassionate heart. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for correcting them with kindness.

Thank you for loving them. Thank you for showing up every day with more of yourself to give and caring for my kids like I would.

I imagine some days you show up to work and it feels just like that… work. I imagine some days you feel underappreciated. I am sure some days you wonder if your students’ parents know just how much you pour into their children.

But today… if I haven’t said it enough… or ever… I just want to say that I do. I see it all (even if I might not see it all.)

Hours… days… Weeks… Months… of your life you given to grow my children, and there aren’t enough thank yous to cover the gratitude that I feel.

There is a book by Dr. Seuss called, Oh, The Places You’ll Go. I’m sure you’re familiar with it. I’ve heard of parents buying a copy for each of their children and having every teacher sign it – eventually gifting to their children at graduation.

But it isn’t just our kids who are setting out on new adventures. It isn’t just the students that go out into the world,  and face new things, and come up with new ideas, and change everything for the better. Because the truth is, everywhere my children will go, the lessons you have taught will go with them.

Oh, the places YOU will go, teachers… in our hearts, and minds, and discoveries, and inventions, and in all that we will ever live to become.

So, while it doesn’t seem like enough, I’ll finish the year with a thank you from someone who was able to see just how much one child can grow in such a short amount of time when given the gift of a teacher who loves.

With Sincerest Thanks and Love,


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