Coding for Girls

Coding for girls

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Our Head of Digital Learning and Innovation discusses the importance of girls learning to code on Studio Ten

When other schools may be winding down at the end of term, our Year 7 and 8 students will be gearing up to a new level of learning with #coLAB.  In this week-long intensive program students will work collaboratively through the design process to develop solutions an open-ended, real-world problem.  Digital Technologies are an important part of these solutions, as students apply their understandings at Levels 7&8 of the Digital Technologies Victorian Curriculum.

The requirements for success in the 21st Century are broader than reading, writing and arithmetic.  In a report by the World Economic Forum called ‘The Future of Jobs’, the most highly ranked skills for employability in 2020 included Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Creativity, People Management and Coordinating with Others.  This fits in well with the first guiding principle of our Strategic Vision, which is to be courageous and creative in thinking, learning and research.  We want all people in the Strathcona community to consider themselves life-long learners who continuously seek to understand, innovate and improve.

#coLAB is an important part of this vision.  It will encourage students to reach beyond the constraints of the curriculum and solve rich problems that can have an impact beyond the classroom, to build deeper knowledge and skills that are vital in the new world of work.

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