Celebrating Thought Leadership with Strathcona Teachers

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At Strathcona we pride ourselves on encouraging our students to become insightful thinkers, with the ability to evaluate various perspectives and adapt to new challenges, not only within school grounds but also beyond the classroom.

Today we’re showcasing just some of the teachers who champion this motto including Kathleen Vergers, Social Worker & Ministry Volunteer and Erin-Maree Horsley, Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF) volunteer.

Our Senior Chaplain and Social Service Co-Ordinator, Kathleen Vergers, is part of a team that assists women in need by offering prayer, English lessons or a friendly coffee chat up. Kathleen also volunteers at Healing Rooms, a ministry that supports people from all walks of life that are troubled  with health issues, workplace and relationship problems.

Head of Art, Erin-Maree Horsley, volunteers on the Wigs for Kids committee for the Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF), working toward assisting children with purchasing a wig, providing information about caring for and creating wigs, collecting donations of human hair and assisting in fundraising for AAAF. Families with a child suffering from Alopecia can often struggle with the financial burden of purchasing a wig and therefore volunteers and donations are essential to this organisation.The AAAF is a cause close to Erin-Maree’s heart as her eldest daughter has Alopecia Areata.

We are extremely proud to work
alongside these inspiring teachers, as
well as many others, and we will
continuously strive for a future that
belongs to unstoppable women –
those who are committed to achieving
personal success and positively
shaping the environments around

#LikeAgirl #girlpower

Marise McConaghy, Principal