Boroondara, Stonnington school captains share hopes for 2021

Deputy School Captain, Francesca Clarke shares her vision for 2021 with The Leader.

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In the Media: Leader Inner East, 21 April 2021

We asked school captains from Melbourne’s inner east for their 2021 vision. Here are photos and words from our inspiring young leaders.

You can have no doubt the future of our state is bright with a stunning response to Leader’s call for school captains and leaders from across Melbourne to share their vision for 2021.

And after a year of “you’re on mute” shouted into laptops, elbow bumps and online exams, keeping school spirit alive was no easy task.

But now students are back in the classroom and ready to make their mark.

In our third annual special report on Tomorrow’s Leaders, we asked school captains across the length and breadth of metropolitan Melbourne: “What is your vision for your schools community in 2021?”.

Captains of schools in the inner east responded, and you can read their inspiring words here.



Francesca Clarke

Francesca Clarke.
Francesca Clarke.

We appreciate that the last year was challenging, yet the challenges presented by COVID-19 have seen change within our school community that may well become long-term.

Strathcona Girls Grammar School is not one to shy away from change, and our management of these changes has been more than effective this year.

Our flexible community allows not only for this change to be accommodated, but also for students to develop this same sense of adaptability that is critical throughout life.

The Strathcona community encourages the development of well-rounded, creative individuals who will continue having positive influences, regardless of which path they choose to follow.

This year we are committed to recognising the importance of communication and connection by encouraging dialogue among all year groups.

We want to promote intellectual and social growth and development within the school community by providing a safe, supportive setting so that students have the opportunity to explore and to clarify their own beliefs and values, to take risks, and to think and speak for themselves.

To be able to recognise and respond to individual challenges, both overt and subtle.