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Mellor House Class Music Festival

By Penny Byrne, Coordinator of Mellor House Music Last week, Strathcona’s Junior School hosted another successful annual Class Music Festival. The Festival is a series … more 

Celebrating Arts Week

by Erin Horsley, Head of Art “Most of us know the feeling of being moved by a work of art, whether it is a song, … more 

Me and My Mentor

Mr Mark Hamilton and Year 11 student Raffaela Skourletos feature in today’s Weekly Review, talking about their shared passion for Music and Science.

ANCA’s Schools Choral Festival

Victorian school choirs come together for the pure joy of singing, in this massed choral event. Six primary and secondary school choirs, including the Mellor … more 

High Praise for High Tea

by Vivian Chen and Morgan Macleod-Finke, Music Captains On Sunday 26 July, the Strathcona Friends of Music, in conjunction with the Music Department, hosted two High … more 

Concerto Concert 1 (Autumn)

Event Registration Online for Concerto Concert 1 (Autumn) powered by Eventbrite   Strathcona’s bi-annual Concerto Evening is a wonderful opportunity to hear our finest musicians … more