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Website mindfulness

Parent Seminar: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is being fully engaged and present in each moment of our lives.

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Cyber background

The Cyber Safety Project Parent Event

Please join us as Trent Ray, Educator and Microsoft Learning Consultant and Sam Macaulay, Educator and Curriculum Specialist provide parents with the insights and important information about popular social networking and online gaming platforms for young people today.

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Emotional Intelligence banner

Parent Seminar: Emotional Intelligence and Friendships

Friendships are complex interpersonal networks that are developed during early childhood and refined during the middle childhood and adolescent years.

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Are you an owl, lion, peacock or dog?

When you think about your leadership style, do you see yourself as an owl, a lion, a peacock or a dog? Upon being asked this question, we, the handful of young female leaders attending the Leadership Forum, were confused to say the least.

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Nintendo Labo (1)

Primary school VR a superb intro to STEM learning

“We see that the earlier that students start to see how to create things with technology the more empowered they are,”

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Tennessee_banner for website

A Tennessee Williams Spectacular

Come and see the remarkable Theatre Studies class perform two eloquent and compelling plays written by one of the luminaries of American theatre, Suddenly Last Summer and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

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Tan- Progress leader

Girls’ life-changing Tanzania trip

“We learnt the importance of quality education for young people in order to create a successful future and the hardships that those in a third world country face.”

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Meet our Year 5 teachers

Year 5 is an intake year at Strathcona, a crucial year to extend and enrich learning as girls prepare for their transition into our Senior School.

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virtual reality classes

Why I believe that the future of education is virtual

At Strathcona – create women who are the not just the consumers, but responsible creators of the technology that is shaping our society.

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Kids in a class of their own

Parents struggling to work out at which age is best for children to start school have been reminded that every child should be looked at as an individual rather than just a number.

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Individually known_Strathcona

Millennials Snub Teaching Careers

“It is a career that empowers you to make a positive difference in the lives of young people at a critical time of growth and development.

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Unveiling 3

True parity before the 22nd century?

There are only nine women CEOs and ten women chairing boards in ASX 200 companies. At the rate things are progressing, we won’t reach true parity with men until the 22nd century!

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