At Strathcona, we support each individual girl to develop her own voice and identity, as well as health in body, mind and spirit.

There is a strong sense of belonging at the School, facilitated by a nurturing Pastoral Care program, Cross-age programs that create opportunities for mentoring and friendships and a House System that provides a vibrant platform for cross-age and personal development activities.

Strathcona students have a strong sense of social responsibility, and possess a genuine spirit of global citizenship.

Pastoral Care

Success in life comes not only from having the confidence to achieve academically and strive for your dreams. It comes from emotional intelligence too: facing life’s challenges with resilience, seizing opportunities with confidence, and always acting with compassion for others.

At Strathcona, girls develop the intrinsic motivation and ‘know how’ to be resourceful and resilient in a complex and dynamic world. Through action and reflection the ‘spirited self-agent’ will be optimistic and purposeful in learning, thoughtful in decision-making, modest in success and robust in adversity.

Pastoral Care at Strathcona is designed to develop a robust sense of self, and encourage girls to ‘have a go’, be a productive part of a team, and show strong leadership. Ultimately, it is about valuing and respecting each student, nurturing her confidence and giving her a strong sense of belonging. With our range of cross-age programs, Strathcona is an extension of the home environment. Girls are given exciting choices, encouraged to take on challenges and are provided with a support network to ensure that any concerns that they may have are resolved quickly. Such care gives them every chance of success both personally and academically.

House System

At Strathcona, team spirit and competition thrives within our House System, comprising Arnold House, Grenfell House, Gilbert House and Findlay House. Girls embrace their House colours and delight in friendly rivalry at the many festivals and competitions throughout the year.

Strathcona students benefit widely from interacting with girls in other year levels. Leadership, learning, encouragement, inspiration and new friendships are just some of the benefits of regular House activities.

All students belong to a School House:
Arnold – Blue
Findlay – Green
Gilbert – Gold
Grenfell – Red

Arnold and Gilbert Houses are named after the two women who were the first Australian Baptist overseas missionaries. Findlay House is named after a former teacher at Strathcona, also a missionary. Grenfell House commemorates the life of Sir Wilfred Grenfell, a medical missionary to the coasts of Labrador, whose hospital ship was named ‘STRATHCONA’.

Throughout the year students embrace the numerous House events. These include:

  • Debating Competition
  • Performing Arts Festival
  • Athletics Carnival
  • Cross-country Carnival
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Community engagement activities
Cross-age Programs

Our Cross-age Programs allow older girls to spend valuable time with younger students. Our girls learn and develop through the connections they forge with each other.

We want our girls to feel safe and valued during their school years. There are many opportunities for Strathcona students to gain this feeling through interacting with and relying on each other.

Our girls don’t just talk to each other – they help each other. By participating in programs designed to bring older and younger girls together, our students are able to gain confidence and a sense of security throughout their entire school experience. They also learn communication and personal skills that will equip them for life. The relationships which form help our girls to find their own place within the Strathcona School community.

Junior School

In Junior School, we believe that the more connections you have with others at school, the more confidently you will approach your schooling. Our children develop a network of connections with older and younger students. A program of formal and informal opportunities is provided for children to work, play and get to know each other.

Senior School

Year 11 students, through the Big Sister/Little Sister program, share art and craft activities with Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 girls.

Our Peer Support Program has an important role to play in assisting Year 7 girls in the transition to Senior School. The emphasis here is on personal development, with Year 7 girls paired with Year 11 students from the same House.

Older students undertake specialist leadership training to maximise the benefits of the Big Sister/Little Sister and Peer Support Programs. The programs are based on the belief that students of different ages learn about themselves by working together in a caring and supportive environment.

Tours and Exchanges

Global awareness is critical for students today. In order to successfully navigate an increasingly globalised society, young people must be able to make positive connections, empathise and understand a range of cultural imperatives.

At Strathcona, our program of tours and exchanges encourage students to respect difference, value sustainability, think beyond the classroom and share ideas with people throughout Australia and the world.

Each year we offer a variety of tours and exchanges (many reciprocal) for students and their families. All tours and exchanges have specific learning intentions and offer students the chance to take on new challenges and broaden their perspectives.

Years 7-12

  • Alliance of Girls Schools Space Tour – Study Tour

Year 8

  • Rockhampton Girls Grammar School, Qld – Reciprocal Exchange
  • Columba College, Dunedin, New Zealand – Reciprocal Exchange
  • Perth College, Perth, WA – Reciprocal Exchange

Year 9

  • Cultural Tour of Japan with one night’s homestay with a student from our sister school, Soshin Girls School.
  • Opportunity to host a Soshin Girls School student.

Years 10 and 11

  • Academic
    • Language: Biannual Language Tours to Italy, France and China with extensive immersion
    • Global: Global Young Leaders Conference – Study Tour
    • Cambridge Scholars Program – Study Tour
  • Cultural
    • Indigenous Tour to Kakadu/Central Australia
  • Service
    • School of St Jude, Tanzania Service Tour

Year 12 and Beyond

  • World Challenge Leavers with a Purpose Borneo Tour
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