News & Events

OSA London Reunion
Our OSA President, Laura Loftus, will be in London on Saturday 13 October and is delighted to be hosting a reunion of alumnae who are living in the United Kingdom.
A differentiated approach to engaging middle-school students in Shakespeare
We're very proud to announce two Strathcona teachers have had their their article about Teaching Shakespeare to the Middle Years published in Idiom, the journal put out by the Victorian Association of the Teaching of English. It's a wonderful achievement!
Tinker & Maker Night
The Tinker Train concept has been designed with focus on the interconnectedness of the five carriages of train, each representing a phase of the design process, which continue to support and develop students understanding across curriculum areas.
Strathy Stories. Unstoppable Women: Ashleigh McInnes (2003)
Ashleigh McInnes ('03) is one of Strathcona's unstoppable women whose PR company debuted in 2017 annual Australian Financial Review as one of Australia's fastest growing companies. To read more about Ashleigh's Strathy Story click here
Strathy Stories. Unstoppable Women: Kate Nelson (2010)
Kate Nelson (2010) followed her dream to become a circus artist and studied at The National Institute of Circus Arts Australia, where she completed three years of intense full time circus training. Click through to read more about Kate's Strathy Story here
Win a chance to hear Malala Yousafzai speak!
As part of our “Unstoppable girls” theme exploring bravery and courage, Strathcona students can win tickets to hear Malala speak in Melbourne.