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VCE results: What do they mean for school and students?
In the rhythm of a school, there is no period when great results are more sharply the focus than at the end of the year. This is true for students and for those parents and teachers who have worked together, made sacrifices and invested much effort to achieve an outcome. It is true for us
Preparing for the new school year
We like to think Strathcona is a second home for all of our students. It’s a place for them to feel safe, valued, respected, stimulated and happy. As the summer break draws to an end, here are some tips to make the first day back at school a success for your daughter. We have written
Performing Arts at Strathcona: Into the Future
I am delighted to announce the appointment of Ms Jennifer Meachem as our inaugural Head of Performing Arts commencing in 2018. Ms Meachem comes to us with a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from teaching music at leading independent girls’ schools across Melbourne, including Tintern and Loreto Mandeville Hall. Currently, Head of Music at
Mathematics Week 2017
Each year we celebrate Mathematics Week at Strathcona by encouraging students to become involved in activities which are an expression of Mathematics in a new way or to use Mathematics in a real life application. This philosophy extends through both the Junior and Senior Schools. This year we have explored innovative ways for the girls
Beyond Teaching and Knowledge in the Classroom
Prince Harry says the best teachers should go beyond academic lessons and teach about “resilience and compassion”. Our Principal, Mrs Marise McConaghy shares similar sentiments about the staff at Strathcona and their commitment to go beyond teaching and knowledge sharing in the classroom. Each year, it is very gratifying to read comments from both students
Honesty and Passion Equals Success
On Wednesday 15 February 2017, Strathcona presented awards to the top 15% of achievers from the Class of 2016 in front of proud parents, students and staff. Each awardee in attendance shared her strategies for success, ranging from keeping busy to maintain moment and not being afraid to ask for help, to being compassionate towards