Fees Policy & Business Regulations Notice


Fees Policy & Business Regulations Notice


A. Application

Applications for entry to Strathcona, from the Early Learning Centre (ELC) to Year 12, must be submitted on the School’s Application for Enrolment Form. The form is to be accompanied by a nonrefundable Application Fee. The following Application Fees apply: ELC ($50), Prep-Year 12 ($150), International Students ($175).

While application is a pre-requisite for enrolment, it is not a guarantee of admission and the School reserves the right to reject any application, and offer a place to any student irrespective of date of application.

ELC enrolment interviews are conducted by the Director of ELC in the year prior to entry. Entry to the School for ELC students is subject to the same conditions as detailed for Prep to Year 12 applicants.

B. Confirmation of Enrolment

Following the application and interview process, and subject to the School Enrolment Policy and position availability, a formal offer may be made. The offer process for Prep, Year 5 and Year 7 begins approximately 2 years prior to the year of entry. Further offers may be made as required up until commencement in order to complete the cohort. For other year levels, the offer process begins approximately 1 year prior to the year of entry.

Parents/Guardians are required to sign and return the acceptance offer for their child with a non-refundable enrolment fee of $1,000 (Year 11, Year 12 and International student Enrolment Fee – $500). The person/s signing the Acceptance Agreement is/are completing an agreement to abide by the Terms and Conditions and Business Regulations. For ELC students a holding fee of $800 is charged in lieu of the enrolment fee. This Holding Fee is credited to the family’s fee account in Term 1 of the entry year.

A place is confirmed for a child only after an offer has been made and the Enrolment Fee is paid. An Enrolment Fee payment received after the due date may mean the place may no longer be available.

Strathcona’s enrolment offer includes an agreement on payment of fees and acceptance of Schools policies. If a place is not immediately offered, the family will be advised of their addition to the waiting list.

Each new student will be charged a Life Membership fee of $205 to automatically join the Old Strathconian’s Association (OSA). This fee is billed with the initial Tuition Fee Account and allows the OSA to undertake a range of Alumnae activities that support the School community such as reunions, networking and special events and contributing to the Strathcourier and other School activities.

Acceptance of an enrolment is acknowledgement that each signatory on the Enrolment Form is jointly and severally liable to the School for payment of all accounts. This applies even if the accounts are usually paid by one parent or local support person, and regardless of whether the accounts are addressed only to one parent or local support person. A parent or local support person of a child may not delay or refuse to pay an account on the basis that another parent or local support person of the child is responsible for payment of all or part of any account.

C. Cancellation of Enrolment

One full term’s notice is required, in writing to the Principal, before the cancellation of enrolment or withdrawal of a student from the School. If the required notice is not given, a fee of up to one full term’s fees may be charged.

D. Tuition Fees and Accounts

  1. Tuition fees are billed in advance in November for all students enrolled in the following year. Tuition fees must be paid either in full by 30 November, by four (4) equal instalments in November, February, May and August or by monthly payment (10 instalments) from November to August.
  2. Accounts are payable by the listed instalment due dates. Additional charges must be paid by due date listed on your Sundry account.
  3. The School may choose to not permit a student to re-enter classes in a new term when fees remain outstanding.
  4. For financial arrangements regarding the absence of students, contact the Business Manager on +61 3 8779 7541 or busmgr@strathcona.vic.edu.au
  5. If a student is absent through illness, there will be no reduction in fees. Every effort will be made to remain in close contact with the family and arrange home study for the student where possible.
  6. Students that undertake vocational subjects or subjects by Distance Education may be charged an additional levy by the School or external provider.
  7. Parents are responsible for payment for avoidable breakage or damage to School property caused by the student.
  8. The Principal may authorise particular expenditure (for example student programs or school materials) to be charged to the family fee account.
  9. Fees are subject to annual review. Parents will be notified if the School Board alters these fees and conditions. A full copy of the School Tuition Fee Policy is available upon request.

E. Early Payment Discount

Payment of the annual tuition fees in full by 30 November will receive a 3% discount. Discounts are not applicable to families with Bursary or Special Concession arrangements.

F. Overseas Exchange/Extended Approved Absences

Where leave is granted for student absence of varying periods (min. 5 weeks) and a place is reserved for return, a non-refundable holding fee of one third of the tuition fee applicable for that period of absence is payable in advance.

G. Deferred Enrolment

An enrolment may be deferred to another year level and/or year of entry by providing notice in writing to the Principal. Confirmation of a place in a year level other than what was originally noted, will be subject to availability. Where a place becomes available, payment of the nonrefundable Enrolment Fee by the due date will confirm the student’s place in the deferred year level. Where a student formally withdraws from the School, but returns to Strathcona at a later date, a new Application for Enrolment form must be lodged and the non-refundable Application Fee paid.

H. International Tours/Co-curricular Programs

A student will not be permitted to participate in overseas tours or fee based co-curricular activities where tuition or other sundry fees are outstanding or the approved Payment Plan is not being adhered to by the family.

I. VCE Students on an Approved Varied Education Program

Strathcona covers the cost of one approved Vocational Education (VET) or Distance Education (DECV) subject. A DECV subject will only be considered where the School does not offer the subject or where there are timetable constraints. Additional subjects attract a fee.

J. Goods and Services Tax (GST)

GST is not charged on School Fees, ELC and Co-curricular activities and School cost and charges have been calculated on the basis that they are GST free. Other activities, however may attract GST.

K. Change of Family Details

It is a requirement that families advise the School of any change to their contact details, family circumstances or other relevant particulars. Personal details can be updated via the Care Monkey App that each family has secure access to and can login at any time during the course of the year. This App is also used for activity permissions such as Excursions and Camps. A change in family circumstances should be reported to the Deputy Principal or Business Manager (eg: family separation).