Prep Transition Program

Starting school is a huge milestone for a child, which is why Strathcona is dedicated to ensuring that your child’s first year of school is a positive and happy one.

A Transition Program has been carefully crafted to introduce the girls to new teachers and friends, and to spark excitement for the types of learning experiences that await her at Strathcona.

Our Prep Transition Program aims to:

  • Familiarise the girls with a new school environment
  • Introduce the girls to exciting learning programs that await
  • Build on the girls inquisitive nature and excitement for learning
  • Provide reassurance that our learning environment is safe, warm, friendly and challenging
  • Create opportunities to foster new friendships
  • Allow parents/carers to meet our caring and dedicated Junior School staff.

We also strongly believe that Strathcona girls are happiest, and able to thrive, in their first year of school when strong partnerships between home and school are established and maintained.

Should you have any queries about Prep or our Prep Transition program please feel free to contact Mrs Amanda Orgill on 8779 7606 or via email