International Students

Close to the city, Strathcona provides an excellent foundation for further study at tertiary institutions around the world while ensuring successful participation in the Victorian Certificate of Education.

Strathcona is an obvious choice for a successful Victorian Certificate of Education and university entry. (CRICOS NO : 00577C)

Strathcona is a Prep to Year 12 girls school of 800 students. It is situated 11km east of the city centre of Melbourne in Victoria. Excellent facilities and resources and dedicated staff support students to achieve their maximum potential. A purpose-built Senior Centre for Years 11 and 12 provides seminar rooms, quiet study areas, computing facilities and direct access to the Library.

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Curriculum & Academic Performance

  • The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is a two year program.
  • The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is calculated mainly from Unit 3/4 studies taken in the second year of the VCE. English/Literature, plus four other units must be included in the program. VCE requires a minimum of 16 units of study over two years.
  • Strathcona offers a rich variety of courses to choose from.
  • For students entering at the Year 12 level, application for credit towards the VCE can be made on the basis of Year 11 studies taken elsewhere.

VCE Results


The Principal, Staff and School Board warmly congratulate all Year 12 students on their outstanding individual performances in their VCE and the achievement of many personal goals in their study. We thank them for the exceptional contribution they made to the life of the School through their involvement, leadership and generosity. They continued a fine tradition of personal achievement and services.
  • 5.5% of students placed in the top 1% with ATARS of 99 and above.
  • 30.8% achieved in the top 5%
  • 50.5% achieved an ATAR of 90 and above
  • The median Study Score was 36.
  • 23.4% of Study scores were 40 and above.
  • 8 perfect Study scores of 50 were achieved (English (5 students), Geography, French & History: Revolutions).

2013 Results

  • 8.3% of ATARS were over 99
  • 25% of ATARS were over 95
  • 50% of ATARS were over 90
  • 83.3% of ATARS were over 80
  • Median ATAR score 89.6
  • Median Study score 36
  • 30.2% of scores were 40 and above
  • 8 perfect scores of 50 were achieved – (English (4 students), Food Technology, Further Mathematics, Global Politics and Health & Human Development)

Download the 2013 VCE Results Brochure.

Entry Requirements

  • Places are offered to International Students subject to their having an adequate level of skill in English.
  • The preferred level of entry is Year 10 rather than into Year 11 or 12.
  • Strathcona will accept students directly into Year 11 if they have had substantial English preparation. Strathcona generally accepts students with a B or higher average grade in their most recent report.
  • These applications will be considered only after original copies of school reports, a copy of the student’s passport and evidence of English proficiency have been received.
  • Students are asked to undertake an Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) test which should be submitted with their application form.
  • Students will be interviewed and selected according to academic performance and attitude.
  • Students will be asked to undertake two internal tests for English and Mathematics prior to confirmation of enrolment.
  • An assessment of each student’s English language needs is made on her entry to Strathcona.
  • As there can be difficulties for International Students coping with a new academic environment, the School requires evidence that the student will be sufficiently strong in her performance to cope with the program on offer.

Applications are made on the official Application for Enrolment form. Visit the Enrolment Process page to view the relevent forms.

Our Approach to Study

Strathcona’s policy is to accept those students who are able to succeed at VCE studies (Year 11 and 12) and gain entry into suitable tertiary courses. It is a requirement that students are conscientious in their studies, attend additional tutorials as required and maintain close communication with their teachers to benefit in every way possible from their time at Strathcona.

Attendance requirements will be outlined during entry interviews and students are expected to adhere to these requirements to meet Visa regulations and to maximise their VCE performance.

English Language

  • Students who arrive with very little English or who have a non-English speaking background are required to enrol in an English program (find out more at the ELICOS website) when they arrive in Australia.
  • Students must undertake an Intensive English Language Course at a local ELICOS centre usually for a term or semester. Most courses are for 20 weeks, however, in some cases, where a student is proficient in English, a 12 week course is adequate.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, the student is integrated into mainstream classes at Strathcona and receives ESL (English as a Second Language) support lessons according to need.
  • Individual and small group tuition is provided to improve oral and written skills.
  • At all levels, ESL is taught in small classes conducted by specialist teachers.
  • Any student who has been in Australia for fewer than seven years is entitled to study ESL.
  • All ESL students are eligible for ELS (English Language Support) classes.
  • Students are taught by a trained ESL teacher.


If a student requires Strathcona to issue a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare document (CAAW) as part of their visa application, they will be required to meet the following conditions for the entire period they are enrolled at Strathcona:

  • The student will be required to stay in homestay accommodation or with a relative (over 25 years of age) approved by the School, regardless of their age, for the entire period they are enrolled at the School.
  • The student will be required to have an approved guardian appointed by Strathcona for the entire period they are enrolled at the School regardless of age. Strathcona engages the services of International Student Alliance (ISA) Guardian & Welfare Service, to provide guardians for visiting students. This service is compulsory and not negotiable.

Care of Students

Strathcona provides the emotional, social and practical support that is necessary for a successful transition to the Australian education system. The International Student Coordinator will ensure that the student’s transition is a positive and meaningful experience.

All welfare issues (Homestay arrangements), personal, social or academic concerns can be discussed with the International Student Coordinator. Counselling for personal and school issues is available from the School Counsellor. The Year Level Coordinator and Form Tutor are also available to assist with friendship or academic concerns.

All teaching staff provide extra assistance with studies when required either before school, during lunchtime or after school.


Strathcona requires that International Students live in a Homestay or with a relative (over 25 years of age).

Students must live with a responsible adult approved by the School. Students cannot make their own arrangements without consultation with the School.

The School reserves the right to determine the suitability of a Homestay.

The School requires an environment that provides supervision and care for International Students at all times.

The Homestay must be an approved provider and the location of the Homestay should be close to the School.

Homestay refers to living with a family in your host country and participating in the lifestyle of the family. Homestays provide the security of home life and the advantage of additional English practice with the family.

Homestays are not always readily available. If a Homestay is required, sufficient notice must be given to the School prior to entry for a suitable Homestay to be organised.

Once a Homestay has been decided upon, the student’s agent, guardian or relative will be notified by the Registrar or the International Student Coordinator.

The School expects students to remain in Homestay for the duration of their schooling.

We look forward to welcoming you into our School.